Chad Rothe


Chad's journey with lighting began over 20 years ago with an apprenticeship at one of Arizona's most avant-garde lighting showrooms. Through his experience, he developed extensive knowledge in the field of lighting design and product technology; with a vision to one day operate his very own lighting showroom. In 2002, Chad started Lightform Lighting to provide a platform for his progressive approach to lighting to come to life. With 20 plus years of experience in the industry, Chad has been involved in illuminating high-end residential and a multitude of commercial projects that include offices, retail, multi-family, hotels, restaurants and bar/club establishments. He operates on the principal that great lighting is one of the most single effective forces in interior design and architecture, but arguably the most neglected. At Lightform Lighting, Chad and his team will explain illuminating technology and make the art of lighting accessible to everyone.

Stephanie Croft

Lighting Designer

Stephanie is one of the industry's best talents and most knowledgeable designers. With a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Washington State University, Stephanie brings a devotion for design into the lighting world. Her ability to visualize the impact of dynamic lighting methods in any space allow her to successfully detail light into architecture and interiors. As a result, Stephanie is always in pursuit of adding new technology to her repertoire and broadens her craft through field experience. Having a love for design coupled with proficient technical abilities in AutoCAD software and 3D modeling, Stephanie possesses a thoughtful approach that will provide innovation to lighting any project.

Abbie Bruch

Lighting Designer

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Abbie comes to Lightform with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin - Stout. Through her schooling, Abbie studied art and design for six months in Florence, Italy. She participated in studies of interior design, color theory, space planning, sustainability and life drawing. Abbie believes that the world of lighting has created a deeper element of knowledge and inspiration in design and interiors for her. Traveling and experiencing new cultures during her time in Europe has motivated Abbie to explore the world whenever opportunity arises. In her spare time, she loves reading biographies and non-fiction, as well as spending quality time with her fiance and family.

Madison Menke

Lighting Consultant

Madison is an Arizona native who is currently working towards her Associates of Science as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design at Scottsdale Community College. Having always had an affinity for design, Madison feels that lighting has increased her love of design and broadened her knowledge of interior spaces and decor. Watching home design and remodeling shows while growing up has led Madison to discover her path in interiors, textiles and lighting.

Sukura McLawson

Product Supervisor

Suki manages the flow of Lightform product orders and shipment progress. His many years of exposure to the design and fabrication industry led him to find a home with our Lightform team. Suki believes that lighting breathes life into a room through illumination, creating depth and soul within a space. Suki comes from a background of business and attended the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. On his free time, Suki trains as a competitive runner and swimmer, where he specializes in monofin swimming. He also holds an International Educator's Certification for Nails and competes internationally with numerous accolades under his belt.

Elaine Cogbill


Elaine comes as a highly qualified accountant to the Lightform team with an extensive background in finance. Throughout her career at major institutions that include Valley National Bank and J.P. Morgan Chase, Elaine controlled and monitored expenditures of multi-million dollar budgets. She has also managed government and private grant dollars through her time with non-profit organizations such as HomeBase Youth Services. Eventually, Elaine followed a career path that led her to control accounts for a design studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. Through her exposure to the design industry and creative seeking minds, Elaine crossed paths with Chad Rothe, allowing her the opportunity to join Lightform's creative team of professionals. Elaine has been an invaluable member of the Lightform family since joining nearly seven years ago.

Lynn Brown

Marketing / Social Media

Lynn heads our marketing and social media department with her keen sense of design, creativity and spunk. She has a passion for photography and possesses an Interior Design Degree from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. In tandem with managing our website and social media platforms, Lynn continues to develop her skills by learning how specialized lighting enhances design and photography. Lynn joins the Lightform team as a part-time member so that she may have the opportunity to fulfill her primary occupation as a proud mother to her two wonderful children.


Morale Officer

Khan was rescued by Chad back in 2010 while seen darting through traffic in a Phoenix neighborhood. After performing his due dilligence, Chad became father to the miniature pinscher/ chihuahua mix. These days, Khan happily works at Lightform Lighting as the greeter and mascot. He spends his days lying about the Lightform showroom, keeping the staff entertained (and in-line) and greeting all clients who walk through the door.