Residential Projects

In your home, there is a special purpose for having ambient lighting in both internal and external areas. Having enough fill light helps to eliminate unflattering shadows which helps not only to humanize a space, but also to increase its scale. When a room is properly lit, it can appear much more extravagant than it ever could with subpar illumination.

Commercial Projects

On commercial projects, such as offices, retail showrooms, and outlets, we can add an extra dimension of comfort and productivity to the space. While most businesses focus on having ample space and an efficient floor layout, it is equally important to include people-friendly ambient light in public spaces.


Lightform Lighting is proud to partner with Artistic Lighting, Coppertown Electric and Quick Connect LLC for all of our installation needs. While clients have the option to contract their own installers, we highly recommend these reliable companies.

Artistic Lighting
Contact: James Smith
Phone: 480.703.7088

Coppertown Electric
Contact: Garrett
Phone: 602.390.0253

Quick Connect LLC
Contact: Jerr
Phone: 480.204.7439