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Launched in 2002, Lightform Lighting was conceived as a platform to deliver sophisticated and contemporary lighting to designers and clients in the Valley.  Representing over 400 well-researched manufacturers from across the globe, we bring an extensive selection of ­­­­­­products and applications to elevate your project to the next level.  Lightform collaborates with a multitude of incredibly talented designers, architects and contractors throughout the region.  With nearly thirty years in the industry, we assure exceptional design and client services. Step into our award-winning showroom in downtown Scottsdale to experience what we are all about. 





Chad’s journey with lighting began in 1994 with an apprenticeship at one of Arizona's most avant-garde lighting showrooms.  Through his experience, he developed extensive knowledge in the field of lighting design and product technology; with a vision to one day operate his very own lighting showroom. In 2002, Chad started Lightform Lighting to provide a platform for his progressive approach to lighting to come to life.  With many years of experience in the industry, Chad has been involved in illuminating high-end residential and a multitude of commercial projects that include offices, retail, multi-family, hotels, restaurants and bar/club establishments. He operates on the principal that great lighting is one of the single most effective forces in interior design and architecture, but arguably the most neglected.  At Lightform Lighting, Chad and his team will explain illuminating technology and make the art of lighting accessible to everyone.  




Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Abbie comes to Lightform with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  Through her schooling, Abbie studied art and design for six months in Florence, Italy.  She participated in studies of interior design, color theory, space planning, sustainability and life drawing.  Abbie believes that the world of lighting has created a deeper element of knowledge and inspiration in design and interiors for her.  Traveling and experiencing new cultures during her time in Europe has motivated Abbie to explore the world whenever opportunity arises.  In her spare time, she loves reading biographies and non-fiction, as well as spending quality time with her husband and family.



alaina garcia

Alaina hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico, known as the “Land of Enchantment”.  She joins our team with four years of previous lighting experience, where she worked in both commercial and residential sectors.  She has visited 28 out of the 50 United States and hopes to take her love of traveling to Asia next.  Alaina believes that lighting is meant to be a fun and artistic expression of showing one’s own creativity within a space.  Alaina is a lover of science fiction books and enjoys baking and playing board games with friends and family in her spare time.





kaisee hamilton

Kaisee is a native of Arizona and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Desigin from Northern Arizona University.  Growing up, Kaisee had the opportunity to live in the Czech Republic for two years, where she was able to travel throughout Europe.  Her exposure to travel has fostered her love of different cultures, meeting people and sharing new experiences.  Since joining Lightform, Kaisee sees how lighting is an integral part of the design process, in which it can truly make or break a space.  Today’s technology has shown her that there are so many opportunities to implement incredible lighting that serves as both a function for illumination, as well as an art piece.  In her free time, Kaisee enjoys going to concerts, reading, writing, and spending time with her family (including her cat, Yuuri).  Kaisee is also currently completing her TEFL Diploma to teach English as a foreign language. 



Sukura McLawson

Suki manages Lightform's order fulfillment and shipment progress.  His many years of exposure to the design and fabrication industry has led him to find a home with our Lightform team.   Suki believes that lighting breathes life into a room through illumination, creating depth and soul within a space.  Suki comes from a background of business and attended the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.  In his free time, Suki trains as a competitive swimmer, where he specializes in monofin swimming.  Suki holds several national medals for being an elite monofin competitor.  He also holds an International Educator’s Certification for Nails and has competed internationally with several accolades under his belt.  



kim COFFEY-chinn

Kim manages Lightform’s accounting and finances.  She is originally from the Chicago suburb of Aurora, which interestingly is known as “City of Lights” and was one of the first in the nation to illuminate it’s streets with electricity.  Kim migrated out of the cold and has lived in Arizona since 2013.  With a career in finance that has spanned nearly 35 years, Kim has worked as an officer for the Chicago Savings and Loan, managed finances for a seafood restaurant in which she was an owner/operator, and worked in accounting for a small company before joining our team at Lightform.  In her downtime, Kim enjoys hiking, quilting, reading historical fiction and travel.  International travel and cuisine are amongst her most sought after experiences.  Kim’s greatest passion, however, is spending time with her family, in which she is the proud mother of two successful sons. 




Teunny is a licensed architect in the state of Arizona.  She is a graduate of Montana State University, where she holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design and a Master of Architecture.  Her training in high-end residential has led her to work for award-winning design firms such as The Construction Zone and PHX Architecture.  Teunny’s vocational background encompasses multiple realms of interest within the design and construction industry.  She believes that lighting and architecture go hand-in-hand; knowledge of lighting has allowed her to become a better architect, and a background in architecture has led her to better understand lighting.  Teunny's instrumental role as the architect for Lightform's showroom was incredibly rewarding as she was able to design the space for Chad to incorporate his lighting mastery.  Teunny has traveled extensively through Europe and Asia where art, architecture, and food are her favorite pit stops.  She enjoys spending her time in furniture design, travel, books, golf and custom fabrication.  Teunny is fluent in both English and Cambodian. 



khan ROTHE

Khan was rescued by Chad in 2010 while seen darting through traffic in a Phoenix neighborhood.  After performing his due dilligence, Chad became a proud father to the miniature pinscher/chihuahua mix.  These days, Khan happily works at Lightform Lighting as the greeter and mascot. He spends his days lying about the Lightform showroom, keeping the staff entertained (and in order) and greeting all clients who walk through the door.





Arlene manages Lightform's social media accounts.  With a background in fashion, film and photography, this social butterfly has a keen eye for current trends and aesthetics.  She is proficient in digital media platforms such as Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft Suites.  Arlene attended Santa Monica College with a focus on Interior Architectural Design, which in turn has given her first-hand knowledge in commercial and residential interiors.  She believes that beauty and function are the perfect combination to any successful space; whether it be in your living room or live on Instagram.  As a Los Angeles native, Arlene observed the likes of many social media influencers and has worked closely with several YouTube personalities.  In her spare time, Arlene loves to travel abroad and spend time with her growing family.  She enjoys reading, writing and meeting new people. 

Jeff Pic.jpg



Jeff manages Lightform's information technology systems in which he initially designed, built and installed.  His twenty-plus years of experience has enabled him to become extremely knowledgeable, as well as being one of the most reliable IT engineers in the industry.  Jeff's proficiency lies in network cabeling and installation/maintenance of hardware for PC's, servers, printers, televisions, switches, routers and firewalls.  Whether you require a new-build system or upgrade to an existing network, Jeff specializes in problem solving and can assess and offer solutions to any type of application.  In his many years of being Lightform's IT engineer, one of Jeff's greatest attributes is his exceptional customer service and dedication to resolving client issues.  Delivering a solution in a timely manner and assisting his clients as top priority is what sets Jeff miles ahead from his counterparts in the field of IT.

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