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Situated amongst scenic pine trees in Flagstaff, Arizona, this mountain modern residence beautifully integrates the built environment with nature.  Lightform Lighting curated a selection of decorative fixtures and ceiling fans that seamlessly captivate the essence of each space.  In order to keep from obstructing the prominent views throughout and remain appropriate to the character of the home, Lightform chose a clean yet alluring lighting approach.  Our favorite area of the home is the striking chandelier above the dining table that consists of playful, elegant orbs gracefully suspended from a 20 foot sloped ceiling.  Since the kitchen is in the same line of sight as the dining room, Lightform opted for a clean, linear island pendant with an elegant mirrored finish, allowing it to stylishly immerse within the space.

Architecture & Interiors: Tate Studio Architects, Builder: Builders Showcase, Photography: Scott Sandler Photographic

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